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In other news today…

Woke up this morning to read the following in our newspaper…

The EPA was called to the Tighe family household last night after complaints of a toxic spill. One advisor, who asked to remain anonymous, told our reporters, “This…this was pretty bad. I mean, lots of folks have heard about the Exxon Valdez, or more recently the TVA disaster. What they just don’t understand are that there are environmentally hazardous things happening right here, in this very town.”

Experts were quick to point out that no heavy metals or radioactive substances were involved. Instead, much of the cleanup involves management of carbon and sulfur compounds, as well as green peas. Remarkably, babies seem completely unharmed by these spills. Molly Tighe considered this great fun and stuck both feet and legs into the spill. Fathers, and to a lesser extent mothers, are at risk for dry heaves and dizziness. Scientists recommend contacting grandparents in the event that such events start to get out of control. 

Said one parent, “This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a poopy diaper. But at some point, it’s almost out of hand. The EPA has kindly loaned us some biohazard protection suits. You may have seen such suits featured in Outbreak. While bulky, we’re quite confident that they’re offer us the level of protection we need to get through those first 15 minutes of each morning.”

Scary, that this could happen in ‘lil ‘ol Gainesville, FL.


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Test Drive

Test drove some cars today. 

VW Tiguan: Fun to drive, roomy in the front and back seats. Almost like a GTI in handling. Comfortable ride. Seems quite versatile. Typically solid interior fit and finish. And this was on the S edition. SE brings roof rack, improved seat material (IMHO, not a whole lot nicer), improved audio. I think the S is pretty solid in and of itself. 


Jetta TDI: 40+ MPG with diesel, even better in real-world conditions. It is mated to a DSG transmission which I didn’t notice (possibly because there were no paddle shifters? They would seem a bit out of place on a diesel.) My impression: it seemed to putter around town with only minimal pushing on the pedal. Huh. After all I’d heard about the torque with the TDI, I was almost disappointed. Almost, until I stomped on the pedal. It took off. Just took off. Huh. Also noticed some wierd vibrations at certain RPM’s, I guess the kind one would expect in a diesel. In the end, I still might buy one someday just because how…novel the car drove. It was unique and fun, well appointed at standard entries without fuzz.

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OJ Disaster

Orange juice. Molly. Computer. Let your imagination run wild. 

Reading the news with Dad

Molly was sitting in my lap this morning while I was reading the news with my customary short-glass of OJ. Recently, she’s been working on trying to crawl without crawling. This entails propping her feet together, leaning forward, walking forward with her hands until one of her feet pop out to the side, and then either grabbing her toy or retreating back to sitting. 

Back to this morning. Sitting in my lap. Reading news. She’s fidgeting. I’m sleepy. Evidently, retreat. My leg is cold and wet. She’s looking up at me. OJ’s sloshing across my desk and her keyboard. She’s splashing. Carpet’s turning yellow. I need a hero. 

“Uh, babe…”

Wifey/Mommy (Wommy? Mifey?) arrives and laughs. Molly and I both look up. We both have the same confused look on our face, I’m sure. We’re just stuck. We’re both wet with cold OJ. She’s smart enough not to wiggle at this point. Mommy cleans up while the Pumpkin and I just look at each other. Then we both have to change our clothes. No crying, not even from Molly. Alas I also didn’t get as many smiles as usual for the rest of the morning.

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Christmas Recovery

Lots more to post later on Christmas. Quite memorable. Yesterday was “car research” day, and today was another research day. I think we have over 300 photos over the last week. We’ll get them up as quickly as possible.

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Happy Catholic: Well Said

Well Said

I am not alone at all, I thought. I was never alone at all. And that, of course, is the message of Christmas. We are never alone. Not when the night is darkest, the wind coldest, the world seemingly most indifferent. For this is still the time God chooses.

Taylor Caldwell


Happy Catholic: Well Said.

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Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas from the Tighe family! So far for the day…waking up late, Molly skipping breakfast, getting to Mass early, beautiful Christmas Day Mass, revisiting breakfast with Molly, Carlisle’s on the way, Christmas music playing, windows open to grey but warm skies with a chance of rain, and presents still waiting to be opened!


More later!

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Santa Claus…

came to town yesterday because Molly has been so good, he’s gonna come twice! Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle Brian came into town yesterday. After a beautiful Mass, off to a fun lunch and then home to open presents. We have LOTS of pictures to follow from that eating experience. Eating, you say? Despite being recently fed, Molly found moistening the wrapping paper before pulling it off with her gums to be the most efficient method. Worked pretty well for her. We’ll have tons of pictures to follow. Grandma and Grandpa and Brian were quite generous. Brian’s photo courses are obviously paying off, and he was doing exceptionally well to start!

Went to Pizza Vito yesterday for dinner. It’s a new pizza place on 34th and Archer. Pretty good. New York style. I’d recommend their meatball parmesan slices over their stromboli’s. Erin and I shared a single garlic knot. Very good. Staff extremely helpful too with Molly’s high-chair. We’ll be going back!

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