Macbook Air

The other day I fielded a call from someone with questions about Mac’s. Now, more and more folks in our Dept are picking up some Apples, and I think it’s great. I figured I’d highlight some of the things I like about my Macbook Air. 

First, the screen. It’s phenomenal. It’s bright (bright enough I rarely put it to full brightness), crisp, with a wide viewing area and great dimensions. 13+ inches is plenty for a laptop when you have Spaces. 

Second, the “usability”. It’s small, I take it everywhere. More like a true notebook you don’t mind grabbing on your way to a meeting rather than a laptop that you decide whether you need to heft it or not. The arrangement of the palm rests, keyboard and massive mouse pad allow more efficient use; your hands don’t hunt forward off of the palm rests to type.

To be fair, this isn’t a work-horse machine when it comes to video editing and high-power video games. (The MacRumors forums indicate otherwise for the RevB model!) For the usual work day of a resident and researcher, it’s a joy to use. 

I’ll try to post more later about the programs I use.


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