Santa Claus…

came to town yesterday because Molly has been so good, he’s gonna come twice! Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle Brian came into town yesterday. After a beautiful Mass, off to a fun lunch and then home to open presents. We have LOTS of pictures to follow from that eating experience. Eating, you say? Despite being recently fed, Molly found moistening the wrapping paper before pulling it off with her gums to be the most efficient method. Worked pretty well for her. We’ll have tons of pictures to follow. Grandma and Grandpa and Brian were quite generous. Brian’s photo courses are obviously paying off, and he was doing exceptionally well to start!

Went to Pizza Vito yesterday for dinner. It’s a new pizza place on 34th and Archer. Pretty good. New York style. I’d recommend their meatball parmesan slices over their stromboli’s. Erin and I shared a single garlic knot. Very good. Staff extremely helpful too with Molly’s high-chair. We’ll be going back!


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