OJ Disaster

Orange juice. Molly. Computer. Let your imagination run wild. 

Reading the news with Dad

Molly was sitting in my lap this morning while I was reading the news with my customary short-glass of OJ. Recently, she’s been working on trying to crawl without crawling. This entails propping her feet together, leaning forward, walking forward with her hands until one of her feet pop out to the side, and then either grabbing her toy or retreating back to sitting. 

Back to this morning. Sitting in my lap. Reading news. She’s fidgeting. I’m sleepy. Evidently, retreat. My leg is cold and wet. She’s looking up at me. OJ’s sloshing across my desk and her keyboard. She’s splashing. Carpet’s turning yellow. I need a hero. 

“Uh, babe…”

Wifey/Mommy (Wommy? Mifey?) arrives and laughs. Molly and I both look up. We both have the same confused look on our face, I’m sure. We’re just stuck. We’re both wet with cold OJ. She’s smart enough not to wiggle at this point. Mommy cleans up while the Pumpkin and I just look at each other. Then we both have to change our clothes. No crying, not even from Molly. Alas I also didn’t get as many smiles as usual for the rest of the morning.


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