Dear Molly

Dear Molly,

Right now, you’re asleep in your crib. You’ve managed to wiggle the top of your head into the bumper, and then fall asleep with your customary passy. You’re also teething a bunch lately (we think), hence the motrin tune-up. Dr. Nik Gravenstein, at the Christmas Party this year, opined that one of the great events making parenting just a little bit easier was the advent of Children’s motrin. (I remember Dustin and I looking at eachother, each of us I think silently thinking “huh”.)

We also learned how to play “slingshot”, whereby daddy takes you from standing to (slowly) flying by rolling onto his back. We even did a handoff with mommy, the tandem slingshot. You loved it, huge smiles. Don’t worry, we never let go!

I hope you enjoyed the Christmas tree! This was your first, but certainly not your last. Mommy says we’ll be taking it down tomorrow morning. It was a great tree, healthy and green for a very long time.

Well, time for bed; we get to go to Church tomorrow morning. You love going to church. I think it’s all of the joyous music, the smiling people, the babies, and all the smiles and laughter you garner as a super-cute baby looking at the pews behind you.



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