Performance Agora: New Quantum Camera

When do I get to see this as a dSLR feature? 🙂

Performance Agora: New Quantum Camera:

friday, january 16, 2009

New Quantum Camera
Information is physical because it takes energy to create it and transform it. Instead of the digital bits that you’re used to thinking about in the terrestrial computing world, quantum information processing (QIT) involves encoding information as quantum bits or qubits. The photon has turned out to be a very amenable quantum particle for encoding qubits. For anyone following my progress in the world of QIT, here’s the latest. Our invited paper: ‘A Quantum Imager for Intensity Correlated Photons,’ which describes a new type of camera has now been published in the European open-access publication New Journal of Physics.

All cameras are quantum, in that all light is a quantum phenomenon resulting from the action of photons. This has been the correct description of light ever since Einstein’s revolutionary 1905 paper (PDF) for explaining the photoelectric effect (amongst other things). Amazingly, even after 100 years of highest-precision exp…


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