Segue’s Voyage on the Great Loop

Yeah, soon as the kid’s are off to college, Erin and I have ourselves an adventure…! I’d even be content just to go up and down the East Coast. This sorta thing looks awesome. Check out their last posting…

Segue’s Voyage on the Great Loop: ”


Segue comes home
Thursday, October 16 – We had a pleasant cruise up through Watts Bar Lake to Caney Creek Marina. Our friends, Vicky and Chuck, were off cruising on their boat (a Californian, too!) and had offered their slip to us for the night. With the threat of showers that evening it was a welcome offer for Lucy’s sake!

We had trouble this morning getting the dinghy back up on the boat and had towed it all day. The wench that pulls the dinghy up was slipping. Wayne worked with it after we docked that evening and slowly got it back up in its resting place.

Friday, October 17 – Today would be a short day. We left Caney Creek around 9 and arrived at Ft. Loudon Dam just as Bear Cat, a large towboat, had locked through with several barges.

We pulled into Ft. Loudon Marina and set about getting the boat cleaned up for homecoming!

Saturday, October 18 – We had invited about 10 couples to join us at Choto Marina for a celeb…”

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