How On-Field Football Turns Into Seamless Television [Sports]

Always wondered about this. IMHO, ESPN’s college football coverage is the best of them all. Not a lot of gimmicks, fewer bigtime ads, just great coverage.

From Gizmodo:

“How On-Field Football Turns Into Seamless Television [Sports]

The quick composition of today’s football games, with footage coming from multiple cameras focused all around the stadium, has to be compiled and edited with incredible speed and confidence. That’s where Bob Fishman comes in.

The Atlantic has a great article about Fishman, known as Fish, who directs live football games on the fly. This stuff isn’t planned out beforehand— it takes both an eye for cinematography and pace as well as an extraordinary understanding of the game itself, and Fish does almost every major sport. He has to know, for example, that a certain college basketball team relies on a full-court press for steals, and that the camera is going to have to follow the play immediately after a basket is scored instead of cutting away to the coach or the crowd.

It’s pretty amazing stuff, a job very few people could even pretend to handle. [The Atlantic,image by Mark Peterson, Redux]


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