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Bed Made EZ


From bookofjoe:

“Bed Made EZ


From the website:


Bed Made EZ

Save your back (and fingernails) by using Bed Made EZ to help tuck in linens and bedding.

When making a bed, today's thicker, heavier mattresses can make changing the sheets not only difficult but also painful, especially if you're prone to back pain.

Bed Made EZ is an ergonomic device that slides easily between the mattress and box spring, raising the mattress so linens are easier to put on.

Smooth-edged molded plastic wedge has narrow front edge that can be used to tuck in sheets.



$29.99  (bed and linens not included).


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Biltmore Merlot

Very good. Just as we remember. Smooth going down. Yummy. Will go well with our leftovers. 🙂

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Molly on Vacation

We’re on vacation this week. First since August! We were in dire need of one…

Lots of fun this week. Most of it has been centered around Molly. We’ll just hang out for hours, playing with her all around the house and at the parks. When in downtown Waynesville, she loves waving at nearly everyone she sees. It is now apparent that everyone in Waynesville also knows a dog named Molly.

Waynesville folks are also very attached to socks. You see, Molly pulled one off this morning and we caught it. Put it in our pocket for safe keeping (putting it back on her would just be silly at this point). And spent the next 3 hours explaining to all sorts of passerbys that yes, she did pull off her sock, it’s because she’s a Florida girl, yes we have it, thanks and have a nice day! To be fair, said passerbys were all VERY friendly and quite content to let Molly laugh and smile at them. She waved and smiled and delighted the entire Whitman’s 11:30 lunch crowd today, much to all’s content.

Took a ride up to the Blue Ridge yesterday, very fun. Started out in the 50’s at the house, nadir at 33 degrees up in the clouds on the parkway. Photos forthcoming. Timed the trip with Molly’s AM nap. She was so sweet, she woke up for a few minutes in the mountains just to say high, smile smile smile, then turned her head and went back to sleep!

More later.

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Rockhouse Vineyards – Wines of North Carolina

We’re not wine experts by any stretch, however extreme, of the designation. We purchased a bottle of the 2005 Merlot today and had some for dinner (with grilled London Broil, marinade from “Doin’ the Charleston” Merlot Steak Sauce, thai lemon grass and ginger rice accompanied by French Bread a ‘la Ingles of Waynesville….don’t we sound fancy! Fear not, it’s just the sound. ). Very strong. Pretty good. Wine experts (see above) that we are, I think we remember the Biltmore Merlot a bit more fondly now.

Rockhouse Vineyards – Wines of North Carolina

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Scientists Break Brain/Twitter Barrier [Voices]

Aside from being kinda cool, think of the possibilities! I mean, what would Molly twitter if she could just think about twittering?

I think her first twitter would be “Cheerios!” if we gave it to her this morning.

From All Things Digital:

“Scientists Break Brain/Twitter Barrier [Voices]

University of Wisconsin-Madison biomedical engineering doctoral student Adam Wilson has successfully tested a “brain wave monitor” to the Twitter publishing interface, allowing him to compose a message merely by thinking and publish it to the arguably too-popular microblogging service.

Either the gates of Hell have begun to open or this is a grad student who really knows how to publicize his work by riding the bandwagon of popular culture. Both are probably true.

Read the rest of this post at the original site

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Weekend Update

Had a blast of a weekend down with the Hegland and Higdon families. Lots of pictures going up on Smugmug!


Molly is standing quite well, and sitting down from standing too! We noticed today that she has an interest in walking with help. She’ll put out her hands to you for handles, then take a step or 3 before laughing and sitting back down.

Eczema was back yesterday, and then mostly gone again by today. Go figure.

The teeth are here! Almost 6 more in the past 2 weeks! All the better for chomping down the Cheerios.

Also purchased a new Maclaren stroller last week. This would be our 3rd or 4th stroller, and I think it is “it”. Perfect height for either me or Erin, only 12lbs, fits beautifully in the Tiguan taking very little space. Quality wheels. Quite stable and sporty. Best of all, Molly seems to really enjoy riding in it! Would highly recommend it. Another great purchase from Amazon!

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Part 1 – The Wedding At Cana and the Passion of Christ

From Happy Catholic:

“Part 1 – The Wedding At Cana and the Passion of Christ

Jan Steen. The Marriage Feast at Cana. c. 1665/70.

I began rereading Fulton Sheen’s Life of Christ some time ago and then got distracted. The poor thing has been languishing overlooked in a corner for some time. However, I picked it up this morning and was blown away with the connections he makes between the wedding at Cana and Christ’s Passion, death and resurrection. (You can refresh your memory about the wedding at Cana here.)

Naturally, I want y’all to have every chance to be blown away too. This is rather long so I’ll be posting it in chunks for the next few days. It may make good food for thought during the early part of Holy Week. At least that’s what sprang to my mind …

There were, in His life, two occasions when His human nature seemed to show an unwillingness to take on His burden of suffering. In the Garden, He asked His Father if it be possible to take away His chalice of woe. But He immediately afterward acquiesced in His Father’s will: “Not My will, but Thine be done.” The same apparent reluctance was also manifested in the face of the will of His mother. Cana was a rehearsal for Golgotha. He was not questioning the wisdom of beginning His Public Life and going to death at this particular point in time; it was rather a question of submitting His reluctant human nature to obedience to the Cross. There is a striking parallel between His Father’s bidding Him to His public death and His mother’s bidding Him to His public life. Obedience triumphed in both cases; at Cana, the water was changed into wine; at Calvary, the wine was changed into blood.

He was telling His mother that she was virtually pronouncing a sentence of death over Him. Few are the mothers who send their sons to battlefields; but here was one who was actually hastening the hour of her Son’s mortal conflict with the forces of evil. If He agreed to her request, He would be beginning His hour of death and glorification. To the Cross He would go with double commission, one from His Father in heaven, the other from His mother on earth.

Life of Christ by Fulton Sheen

Part 2 will be tomorrow.

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