Weekend Update

Had a blast of a weekend down with the Hegland and Higdon families. Lots of pictures going up on Smugmug!


Molly is standing quite well, and sitting down from standing too! We noticed today that she has an interest in walking with help. She’ll put out her hands to you for handles, then take a step or 3 before laughing and sitting back down.

Eczema was back yesterday, and then mostly gone again by today. Go figure.

The teeth are here! Almost 6 more in the past 2 weeks! All the better for chomping down the Cheerios.

Also purchased a new Maclaren stroller last week. This would be our 3rd or 4th stroller, and I think it is “it”. Perfect height for either me or Erin, only 12lbs, fits beautifully in the Tiguan taking very little space. Quality wheels. Quite stable and sporty. Best of all, Molly seems to really enjoy riding in it! Would highly recommend it. Another great purchase from Amazon!


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