Weekend Update

Had a blast of a weekend down with the Hegland and Higdon families. Lots of pictures going up on Smugmug!


Molly is standing quite well, and sitting down from standing too! We noticed today that she has an interest in walking with help. She’ll put out her hands to you for handles, then take a step or 3 before laughing and sitting back down.

Eczema was back yesterday, and then mostly gone again by today. Go figure.

The teeth are here! Almost 6 more in the past 2 weeks! All the better for chomping down the Cheerios.

Also purchased a new Maclaren stroller last week. This would be our 3rd or 4th stroller, and I think it is “it”. Perfect height for either me or Erin, only 12lbs, fits beautifully in the Tiguan taking very little space. Quality wheels. Quite stable and sporty. Best of all, Molly seems to really enjoy riding in it! Would highly recommend it. Another great purchase from Amazon!


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Part 1 – The Wedding At Cana and the Passion of Christ

From Happy Catholic:

“Part 1 – The Wedding At Cana and the Passion of Christ

Jan Steen. The Marriage Feast at Cana. c. 1665/70.

I began rereading Fulton Sheen’s Life of Christ some time ago and then got distracted. The poor thing has been languishing overlooked in a corner for some time. However, I picked it up this morning and was blown away with the connections he makes between the wedding at Cana and Christ’s Passion, death and resurrection. (You can refresh your memory about the wedding at Cana here.)

Naturally, I want y’all to have every chance to be blown away too. This is rather long so I’ll be posting it in chunks for the next few days. It may make good food for thought during the early part of Holy Week. At least that’s what sprang to my mind …

There were, in His life, two occasions when His human nature seemed to show an unwillingness to take on His burden of suffering. In the Garden, He asked His Father if it be possible to take away His chalice of woe. But He immediately afterward acquiesced in His Father’s will: “Not My will, but Thine be done.” The same apparent reluctance was also manifested in the face of the will of His mother. Cana was a rehearsal for Golgotha. He was not questioning the wisdom of beginning His Public Life and going to death at this particular point in time; it was rather a question of submitting His reluctant human nature to obedience to the Cross. There is a striking parallel between His Father’s bidding Him to His public death and His mother’s bidding Him to His public life. Obedience triumphed in both cases; at Cana, the water was changed into wine; at Calvary, the wine was changed into blood.

He was telling His mother that she was virtually pronouncing a sentence of death over Him. Few are the mothers who send their sons to battlefields; but here was one who was actually hastening the hour of her Son’s mortal conflict with the forces of evil. If He agreed to her request, He would be beginning His hour of death and glorification. To the Cross He would go with double commission, one from His Father in heaven, the other from His mother on earth.

Life of Christ by Fulton Sheen

Part 2 will be tomorrow.

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Fine Art Friday – The Continuing Lent Edition

From Summa Mamas:

“Fine Art Friday – The Continuing Lent Edition


Dense to Denser
Wolf Kahn

You can read about Mr. Kahn here, and see more of his works, as well.

I think this is lovely. And I hope this is a lovely Friday for all of you!

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Hiking the Appalachian Trail Takes Freedom to New Heights – washingtonpost.com

Hiking the Appalachian Trail Takes Freedom to New Heights – washingtonpost.com.

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Worth a Thousand Words

Yes, please.

From Happy Catholic:

“Worth a Thousand Words

Beach Read by Karen Hollingsworth

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Terrafugia Transmission completes successful first flight

It doesn’t look like a Ferrari, but it sure can fly…

From Autoblog:

“Terrafugia Transmission completes successful first flight

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Terrafugia Transmission first flight – Click above for image gallery

While only the passing of time will tell if today’s first registered flight of the Terrafugia Transmission measures up to such important milestones of aviation as the Wright brothers’ maiden voyage at Kitty Hawk in 1903, it was most definitely a significant marker in the development of the flying car. While there have been many attempts to develop a flying car in the past, the Terrafugia Transmission might be the most promising in the modern era. Autoblog first reported on it back in early 2006 when the prototype debuted, and the project spearheaded by five pilots, all of whom graduated from MIT, has come a long way since.

The Transmission transforms between road use and flight by folding down its wings, which takes just 30 seconds. With its wings retracted, the Transmission is compact enough to fit in a normal-sized garage, which means owners won’t have to rent hangar space at their local airport. Indeed, they can just drive the Transmission home, as it uses the same gas engine (of unknown displacement) to power its front wheels on the road as it does its propellor when in flight.

Today’s test flight at the Plattsburgh International Airport in New York went well with Phil Meteer, Colonel, USAFR, at the controls. Terrafugia claims the Transmission can fly up to 450 miles at over 115 mph, and since it is categorized as a Light Sport Aircraft by the FAA, a Sport Pilot license will be required to fly one. Check out the gallery below for images from today’s flight, as well as videos of Terrafugia’s own maiden voyage after the jump.

[Source: Terrafugia]

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Terrafugia Transmission completes successful first flight originally appeared on Autoblog on Wed, 18 Mar 2009 15:58:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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meteotek08’s photosets on Flickr

Very cool! A couple of kids attached a camera to a balloon. Simple idea. Magnificent photographs!

meteotek08’s photosets on Flickr.

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