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Test Drive

Test drove some cars today. 

VW Tiguan: Fun to drive, roomy in the front and back seats. Almost like a GTI in handling. Comfortable ride. Seems quite versatile. Typically solid interior fit and finish. And this was on the S edition. SE brings roof rack, improved seat material (IMHO, not a whole lot nicer), improved audio. I think the S is pretty solid in and of itself. 


Jetta TDI: 40+ MPG with diesel, even better in real-world conditions. It is mated to a DSG transmission which I didn’t notice (possibly because there were no paddle shifters? They would seem a bit out of place on a diesel.) My impression: it seemed to putter around town with only minimal pushing on the pedal. Huh. After all I’d heard about the torque with the TDI, I was almost disappointed. Almost, until I stomped on the pedal. It took off. Just took off. Huh. Also noticed some wierd vibrations at certain RPM’s, I guess the kind one would expect in a diesel. In the end, I still might buy one someday just because how…novel the car drove. It was unique and fun, well appointed at standard entries without fuzz.


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