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Today was a very windy day here in Gainsville. Molly wasn’t so sure about the wind when we took our first trip to the beach. Now, she loves it! She’ll get a huge ‘ol smile when we puff air onto her forehead, makes her hair stand up and then she giggles. Works every time!

So today it was gusting 35mph. Erin says Molly would hear the wind in the trees and start smiling even before the gusts hit them. As soon as I got home, we took a walk down to the lake just to let Molly get some more breeze. She loves it!

At least, I think she does. She’s back to making her “Miss Piggy” face sometimes and snorting at us. Negative on the booger check. She laughs when she does it, and laughs when we “Miss Piggy face” her back. Oh well!


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