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Magnetic Photo Rope – A Cool Way to Display Your Images

Looks like a cool tool for a wall. Was thinking yesterday of creating a photo-collage wall if/when we move into a new home. Not sure how we’d do it, but something like this might work…

Magnetic Photo Rope – A Cool Way to Display Your Images:

Magnetic Photo Rope – A Cool Way to Display Your Images

by Darren Rowse

One of the cool products that our friends at Photojojo have been selling recently is the Magnetic Photo Rope – a fun way to display your images.

The Magnetic Photo Rope concept is simply – it’s a metal cable/rope with a weight on the end of it which you hang on your wall and it comes with 8 small, but strong, magnets which allow you to hang a photo from the rope. The effect is quite cool – images appearing to hang off the rope.

The idea is simple and effective – it allows you to rotate and move around photos as you like – without having to stick pins through your images or have to get images in and out of frames.”


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New Photos Posted

Spent some serious time with Aperture this morning. We’ve posted lots of new galleries at our SmugMug site. In the Marvelous Molly gallery, we’ve also included some photos from the post-baptism party. Enjoy!Molly Meets Mac...

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