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Molly on Vacation

We’re on vacation this week. First since August! We were in dire need of one…

Lots of fun this week. Most of it has been centered around Molly. We’ll just hang out for hours, playing with her all around the house and at the parks. When in downtown Waynesville, she loves waving at nearly everyone she sees. It is now apparent that everyone in Waynesville also knows a dog named Molly.

Waynesville folks are also very attached to socks. You see, Molly pulled one off this morning and we caught it. Put it in our pocket for safe keeping (putting it back on her would just be silly at this point). And spent the next 3 hours explaining to all sorts of passerbys that yes, she did pull off her sock, it’s because she’s a Florida girl, yes we have it, thanks and have a nice day! To be fair, said passerbys were all VERY friendly and quite content to let Molly laugh and smile at them. She waved and smiled and delighted the entire Whitman’s 11:30 lunch crowd today, much to all’s content.

Took a ride up to the Blue Ridge yesterday, very fun. Started out in the 50’s at the house, nadir at 33 degrees up in the clouds on the parkway. Photos forthcoming. Timed the trip with Molly’s AM nap. She was so sweet, she woke up for a few minutes in the mountains just to say high, smile smile smile, then turned her head and went back to sleep!

More later.


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